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What counts is how you feel…

You’ve heard this for a while…

Our inner world creates the outer world.

In other words, our vibration, or the pattern of our thoughts, attitudes, and actions, is what creates our reality.

How to Truly Use the Law of Attraction to Get What You Want

Do you ever feel like you’re missing something when it comes to the Law of Attraction?
Like you’ve got it backwards or flipped upside down?
You might not be getting the results you want because of false or incomplete information.

So today I’d like to share an interview Bob Proctor recently did that shatters some myths about the Law of Attraction, provides suggestions for improving your attraction skills and helps you hone your manifestation abilities.

The interview was on the Inspire Nation Show, and it sets a record for the show.
Listen to the full interview here.


Working with Val has been a profound blessing. Her tremendous knowledge of the materials at hand & diligent coaching have helped me completely change my old ways of thinking. I feel like different person in the best way possible, and am immensely, exceedingly equipped to continue realizing my goals. Thank you, Val!
Megan H., Business Consultant. Venice, CA